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Welcome to the web presence of Pingo Bakery- Seafood House


                                Pingo Bakery-Seafood House

308 Bering Street, Nome, Alaska                  Phone (907) 387-0654



STARTING  WEDNESDAY JUNE 5:  DAILY WEDNESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY 6: 30 AM – 3 PM SERVING BREAKFAST AND LUNCH. In the new schedule DINNER will be by advance arrangement with chef with advance planning.


  Wednesday Friday 11:30 am – 3pm; 5:30 – 8 pm      Baked Goods; Lunch; Dinner

  Saturday   8: 30 am -3 pm Baked Goods; Breakfast; Lunch;  5: 30 – 8 pm Dinner

Sunday 8: 30 am to 5 pm  Baked Goods; Breakfast; Lunch



On the corner of Bering Street and W. 3rd Avenue,  across from the Anvil City      Square park’s maroon sign and  historic Old St. Joseph’s church

Delicious Food Beautifully and Simply Presented, Hand Made by our Chef Right Here  & Local Seafood Direct from the Fishery as often as possible

  Eat In        Take Out         Bakery Counter

  • Bakery: fresh, handmade daily by our Chef daily bread such as rustic whole grain with oats bread loaf,  potato rosemary dinner rolls ( a current header photo), and desserts such as lemon tart or chocolate chip cookies (a current header photo).
  • Handmade Menu featuring Local Seafood:  such as Pacific Halibut, Norton Sound Red King Crab,Norton Sound salmon or  Pacific Cod.     We buy from the local fishery whenever possible. We’ll also have other delectable items on our menu, too, as we dearly  love vegetables,  fruits, grains and  meaty dishes.  Everything is handmade, fresh, daily.
  • Gift Certificates available in the dollar amount of your choice-  please contact us in person or by phone to arrange a Gift Certificate.
  • Special Request?  If you are wondering whether we can make something special for you, for example a dessert,  it often depends on our workload. The more advance notice we have (for some things, a few days notice may be okay, but for other things a week’s notice) the more likely we may be able to help.  ASK US.  We are happy to discuss and brainstorm with you & see whether we can help with your request.
  • Reservations inquiries/Seating Please Note:  Our house is small. Our dining room seats about 12 people .  Seating is limited. See separate new page regarding making any Supper/ Dinner arrangements.  Guests share our tables. Meet someone new!
  • Any party larger than 5 people  is strongly encouraged to contact us by phone in advance, to see whether or not we can accommodate you.   In the summer on nice days, we also set up our outdoor tables which can seat up to 8 more people!

Located in a turn of the 20th century gold rush era house, Pingo Bakery-Seafood House showcases  a classic style in our bright  dining room you’ll find delightful whether you  dine-in  or just stop by for take-out meals, or fresh handmade bread or baked goods.


                                Pingo Bakery-Seafood House

308 Bering Street, Nome, Alaska                  Phone (907) 387-0654

On the corner of Bering Street and W. 3rd Avenue,  across from the Anvil City      Square park’s maroon sign and  historic Old St. Joseph’s church



16 thoughts on “Welcome, HOURS, About Us, & Where to Find Us

  1. BTW, Cliff wants to know if you need a dishwasher! It looks like an inviting place to work and then eat any left-overs, or at least be the sampler! 😉

  2. I’m soooooo looking forward to visiting Nome again, just to try the culinary fare at Pingo! I’m so excited that you’re finally opening! Break a leg!

  3. My husband, son, sister-in-law, father-in-law and myself all stopped in for breakfast today. We decided to have the seafood omelet, which was absolutely amazing! The filling was literally bursting out of the omelet! We will definitely be returning. What a great place to have in Nome! We have also tried the fresh baked bread and cookies and were very happy with those as well! Kudos to Chef Erica!

  4. I don’t get to Nome from the village very often, but when I do, I make it a point to stop and dine. DELICIOUS croissants (I didn’t even know I liked croissants until I had her’s!) and A-Mazing pastries. The ham and cheese-filled croissant is one of the most delicious filled-sandwiches I’ve ever had. (HONEST!)

  5. During the 2012 Birding field trips I led in Nome region I was able to use the Pingo four time for two different groups. It is a wonderful resturant. We will use the establishment begining May 31 2013. Rich Cimino

  6. Pingo Bakery Seafood has the best food EVER! My favorite is Erica’s seafood omelet, her assortment of cookies…and her chocolate croissants!! Pingo’s is a cozy professional establishment, with ‘out of this world’ food! It’s so neat that remote ol’ Nome can have such a great place to eat.
    Erica the chef/owner is just absolutely WONDERFUL…as is her gourmet food!

  7. I am heading up there tomorrow for the first time ever, and I already told my husband I want to eat there, your food looks amazing! 🙂

  8. my husband & I stopped in for lunch. pulled pork sandwich with French onion soup–fabulous! the bread was amazing, the pork super tasty & that French onion soup was perfect. we grabbed pastries to go, even those were delicious!

  9. I’m really looking forward to my first Pingo eating experience! I’ve eaten Chef Erica’s delicious cooking before but never at her new establishment, Pingo. Fingers crossed I can make it up there in 2014! Congratulations on the expanded days/hours!

  10. I was visiting Nome last week with my parents. We heard from the locals that Pingo’s had great food. We were not disappointed and returned a couple times during our short trip. Halibut pizza is amazing! The omlette is delicious and very filling. All the pastries were a huge hit with everyone in the family. We took a bunch of cookies back to the hotel with us (a couple times).

  11. My mom and I visited Nome in April of this year, while she was working at the hospital there. We ate at Pingo’s 3 out of our 4 days there, and everything was delicious. I also enjoyed talking to the owner and her assistant as well.

  12. I finally made it to visit my dear friend, Pingo’s own Chef Erica, and sample some of her culinary wonders in Nome this past week. I had several of her meals and am still full and satisfied! Pingo’s menu is varied and fantastic, with some uniquely delicious items. There’s personal service in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Who could ask for anything more? I will be back!!

  13. I know Pingo bakery from Alaska SME website, I will visit your restaurant at 8th July this year. A 24 hours fly from Indonesia to Nome Alaska as a respect to Nome spirit

  14. You were a lifesaver during my stopover in Nome! Thank you for the food before a long trip where food was going to be scarce!

    I appreciate good food (often, my itineraries are designed around restaurants) and I was almost disappointed when I thought I would miss out on trying your restaurant. I was so glad I had the opportunity to have your crab soup and sandwich, which were delicious! I can’t wait to visit again!!!

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