Pingo- What is a Pingo?


A Pingo is a geographical feature  found on the tundra formed when the permafrost creates a hill.  A Pingo is something studied by scientists, and even more specifically, permafrost scientists.  Another name for a pingo is a hydrolaccolith.  The pingo is usually a bump shape or cone shape with a core of ice beneath the soil.  Pingos apparently even grow taller over time, particularly when they are new. The pingos in the Seward Penninsula often exist on or in the middle of an otherwise flat, wide area of tundra.  A Pingo is larger than a hummock/tussock, these being lumps or bumps in the tundra that you step on or over as you walk .

A Pingo is a hill large enough you could walk up it and see the surrounding landscape. Maybe that is what inspired our owner to  muse that even animals might like to climb to the top of a pingo. Of course, only in our imagination would a red king crab do this, or possibly a fox or bird.

5 thoughts on “Pingo- What is a Pingo?

  1. We discovered Pingo three years ago when visiting Nome for the Iditarod. We were back this past year for the 2015 Iditarod. I could not wait to visit your place again. The food is fabulous. I live in Houston, Texas and Pingo can rival anything I’ve had in Houston!

  2. This bakery was first class, top notch! All of the food was delectable and literally melted in your mouth. My seafood omelet hit the spot!!!!! They have a welcoming atmosphere and radiate joy. The homemade baked goods were to die for. I tried a cinnamon roll, best I ever had. Also, Erica convinced me to try her new concoction of cookies with filling in the middle.n Two chocolate cookies with gnoche in the middle and the other were shortbread cookies with lemon filling! Delicious! Erica has great taste and enjoys getting to know her customers! I would fly back to Nome just to visit this restaurant!

  3. Recent estimates indicate that more than 11,000 pingos exist on Earth, with more than 6,000 alone in northern Asia. Rounded tops are common for smaller pingos, but larger ones often have breaks in the ice at the top.

  4. When in Nome, Pingo is our first and last stop. Yes, it rises above the surroundings, but is very much a part of it. Wonderous.

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