Newly Refurbished Building Exterior

This summer, diners enjoy a meal outside on our  outdoor tables and chairs.  This was before the exterior was  washed, stained and the trim newly painted.IMG_2398Here and below, despite the photos being taken on a grey rainy October day not long after the exterior refinish work was completed, the   exterior is now warm natural brown with a lovely blue trim.IMG_2412IMG_2414IMG_2413IMG_2415

4 thoughts on “Newly Refurbished Building Exterior

  1. Hi Erica!!!!
    It’s so wonderful that you are successfully pursuing your dream. It will be awhile until I get up North again, but when I do Pingo will be a priority on my visit list!
    Cheers from Char at Lake Tahoe

  2. My son and I are coming up this summer, July 18, for a couple of days of gold mining etc. We have to hit your place. Re cookies, and I bow to you the baker, we make sugar apricot cookies with almond slivers and orange extract. Then dip 1/3 of it in white or dark/milk chocolate.

    Save a table for us!!

  3. The exterior looks great, Erica! I’m so bummed that I wasn’t able to visit this summer. Next year!! I’m already salivating at the prospect of a great meal (or two, or three…)!! Keep up the good work!

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