HOURS: Wednesday through Sunday 6:30 AM - 3 PM Serving Heavenly Baked Goods and Local Seafood Bounty Daily

Pingo Bakery-Seafood House

Our Business at a Glance

At Pingo Bakery-Seafood House, we serve handmade dishes that taste sublime and are presented simply but elegantly. Our restaurant is located on the corner of Bering Street and West 3rd Avenue, across from Anvil City Square Park’s maroon sign and the historic old St. Joseph’s Church.

We are open Wednesday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch daily from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM. If you’re interested in learning more about our scrumptious offerings, check out today’s menu at your convenience or visit us in Nome, Alaska.

Something Toothsome Awaits You at Our Bakery

We offer fresh-from-the-oven bread that our chef bakes daily. Enjoy fresh breads such as rustic whole-grain bread loaves with oats or olive oil potato rosemary dinner rolls, to name a few examples. Satisfy your cravings for something sweet with a variety of desserts and handmade pastries, cookies and other delights.

Something Fresh-Caught Is in Store for You at Our Seafood House

Everything on our menu is made by hand daily to preserve its freshness and savory taste. We prepare our seafood meals using ingredients that we buy from the local fishery as often as possible. To feature in our signature dishes, we source a vast selection of local seafood such as:

  • Pacific Halibut
  • Norton Sound Red King Crab
  • Norton Sound Salmon
  • Pacific Cod

You’re in for a great selection of delectable treats at our restaurant. We hope to share with you our appreciation for fruits, vegetables, grains, and flavorful meat dishes.

Gift Certificates

Show your friends, loved ones, employees, or anyone else that you care for them when you give them one of our gift certificates. These are available in the dollar amount of your choice. If you wish to purchase our gift certificates, feel free to drop by our restaurant or contact us by phone.

Special Request

If you are planning something different, we can prepare dishes that would suit the occasion—depending on our workload. Kindly give us an advanced notice, and we will do our best to accommodate your special requests.


Our seating is first come first served. We offer an intimate setting where people can meet, share tables, and create wonderful memories while enjoying mouthwatering meals.

During the summer and on sunny days, we can seat up to 4 persons each at our 2 outdoor tables.


Pingo Bakery now has Pingo clothing and Pingo stickers. See examples in our photo Gallery page. Call us or come by for more information!

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Setting the right mood or ambiance for a date, party, or any special occasion can improve your dining experience. Located in a turn-of-the-20th-century, gold-rush-era house, Pingo Bakery-Seafood House showcases a classic style in our bright dining room that you’ll find delightful. Whether you dine in or stop by for take-out meals, fresh-baked bread, or luscious baked goods, you are sure to enjoy dining at our house.

Pingo Bakery-Seafood House

Fascinating Fact About Pingo

If you’re wondering what a pingo is, which our restaurant is named after, we’d love to enlighten you. A pingo is a geographical feature that is found on the tundra formed when the permafrost creates a hill. It is something studied by scientists, and even more specifically, permafrost scientists.

Another name for a pingo is a hydrolaccolith. A pingo is usually a bump shape or cone shape with a core of ice beneath the soil. Pingos apparently even grow taller over time, especially when they are new. The pingos in the Seward Peninsula often exist on or in the middle of an otherwise flat, wide area of the tundra.

A pingo is larger than a hummock or tussock—lumps or bumps in the tundra that you step on or over as you walk. It is also a hill large enough that you could hike to its top and see the surrounding landscape. That is what inspired our owner to muse that even animals might like to climb to the top of a pingo. Of course, only in our imagination would a red king crab— but possibly a fox or bird —do this.

Contact Us

Questions? Want to place an order? Have a time sensitive question? We urge you to please call us during our business hours instead of filling out the form below or emailing as we only check our email periodically.